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Revolutionizing Tire Scanning: Complete Tire Analysis at Your Fingertips

Our cutting-edge solution replaces subjective manual measurement with objective and accurate data, revolutionizing how you assess tire safety and compliance.

Accurate Tread Depth Measurement for Mobile Devices

Precision Scanning Technology

This technology ensures accurate and reliable measurements of tire tread depth, providing precise information for tire maintenance and safety assessments.

High-Resolution Imaging

This level of detail enables Tire Scanner to analyze the tread depth with exceptional accuracy, leaving no room for estimation or guesswork.

Real-Time Depth Calculation

The measurement results are displayed instantly on your mobile device, providing immediate feedback and eliminating the need for additional processing time.

All the features you need

Experience the transformational power of Tire Scanner and take control of tire safety like never before.

Accurate and Efficient Tire Scanning

You can rely on the accuracy of the measurements for assessing tire wear and safety.

User- Friendly

Tire Scanner features an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

User Guidance and Assistance

The app includes user guidance and assistance features to help users throughout the scanning process.

Get started with Tire Scanner

Simply swipe your device over the tire profile


Receive results and recommendations within seconds

Access detailed digital report of each scanned tire

Reliable Results, No Matter Who is Using It

Our intuitive interface and user guidance ensure that anyone can operate Tire Scanner with ease, requiring minimal training. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a first-time user, our technology empowers you to obtain consistent and dependable measurements effortlessly.

User friendly

With its user-friendly design, Tire Scanner is easy to operate, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for all users.

Intuitive to Use

Tire Scanner features an intuitive interface that makes it effortless to navigate and use, requiring minimal learning or training.

Minimal Training Required

Tire Scanner has a minimal learning curve, allowing users to quickly become proficient in using the app to obtain precise measurements.

Client story

Using Tire Scanner has been a game-changer for our tire maintenance and safety protocols. As a fleet manager, ensuring the safety and compliance of our vehicles is paramount, and accurate tire tread depth measurement is a critical aspect. Tire Scanner has revolutionized this process for us. Its advanced scanning technology and user-friendly interface have made it incredibly easy for our team to obtain precise measurements without the need for extensive training.
John Krasinsky
Lightbulb CO-Founder

Objective Digital Evidence of Each Measurement

Our technology records and stores each measurement, providing you with a transparent and reliable documentation of tire condition. This invaluable data serves as proof of compliance, aids in identifying potential safety risks, and minimizes fraud.

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